1920067_657196794315945_1438302149_n (1)Two Wars of the 20’s Tour – Group Tours Only

Gang & Klan Wars of Southern Illinois- Wars of the 20s Tours…After the Mine War (Herrin Massacre), Southern Illinois continued to be wracked by violence during the years of Prohibition. The Klan War and Gang War centered in Bloody Williamson but spread out to cover surrounding counties as the bootleggers first fought S. Glenn Young and the Ku Klux Klan in the first 1923-25, and finally each other in the Gang War as the Shelton Brothers fought Charlie Birger in 1926-27. This tour covers the key sites in Marion, Herrin, Harrisburg and Benton, including the Williamson County and Franklin County Jail Museums and Saline Creek Pioneer Village. Light-moderate walking. Some steps. Sit down restaurant lunch included.

Duration – 6.5 hours