Special Wayne County Shelton Tour – Group Tours Only


 Ruthie Shelton at the Hanna House Museum in Fairfield

Ruthie Shelton at the Hanna House Museum in Fairfield

Join us for the Special Shelton Tour in Fairfield, Wayne County, Illinois (20s Shelton Gang).
We will tour locations exclusively in Fairfield, Cisne, and Pond Creek made infamous in the 20s by the Shelton Brothers. A special stop will be included to the Hanna House Museum.
The tour includes sit down buffetDuration: 6 hours

8 thoughts on “Special Wayne Co Shelton Tour

  1. We want reservations for 2. I could not get registered on line.
    Also I will try phoning you again to make payment.

    • Please call me at 618-751-2924. I can help you over the phone. So sorry.

    • Hi Karen, we will touch upon Peoria during the tour as we will for Southern Illinois in Herrin. This tour will focus primarily on Fairfield and the personal stories of Ruthie Shelton.

    • Hi Karen,

      We are planning a special tour on May 14 from So Illinois to Peoria. Please stay in touch for details. We will be announcing shortly!

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m not as familiar with using the comments section of the website. Did you receive my message yesterday? Thanks! Amy Erickson

  2. I have the book, Brothers Natorious. Have you written a book? I have always been intrigued with the history of the Gangsters and all there business of the 20s and on. I will try to make a tour.

    • Ruthie has written four books. The first One Daughters Discovery, then a fictional trilogy about her family. Stories that could not be told as real life. Hope you can come on the tour. We also deposits as to save seats early but pay in full the week before or sooner. Thanks for writing.

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