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Herrin Massacre Tours began in July 2014  CLICK HERE for the Herrin Massacre Tour in 2014

The company was created to provide quality historical and cultural tours (group and individual), along with engaging events, showcasing Southern Illinois destinations, and BEYOND. We focus on groundbreaking tours (CLICK HERE) featuring famous characters, histories and stories such as the Herrin Massacre, the Shelton’s Special Wayne County Tour, and the Two Wars of the 20’s with the Klan, and famous prohibition gangsters: the Sheltons, and Charlie Birger. It seeks to promote tourism by encouraging visitor travel to the Southern Illinois region and OUTWARDS, as well as by engaging local visitors so that they, too, may have an adventure of discovery of their own region’s rich “treasures”!

We dare you to come….you might just find out something incredible.

View More: http://hannahrussellphotography.pass.us/iasbcentennialAmy Erickson, CEO and Tour Organizer

Amy has a love for Illinois (especially southern Illinois) history, tourism, education and development. While at Carbondale’s oldest intact business, Dillinger’s Feed Store, Amy cultivated a love for preserving and interpreting historical assets. More recently, Amy traveled to East Africa, working directly with business people and educators in places known for conflict and genocide. Amy believes that our communities are unique and have a tradition of excellent businesses, organizations and individuals, and through interpreting our heritage, this appreciation can be enhanced. Amy served as an elected School Board Member for Carbondale Elementary School District 95 (2011-2015), and serves as President of CAPS educational 501/c/3. Amy also volunteers for The Olivier Kamazi Foundation. She has held roles in southern Illinois tourism with the Williamson County Tourism Bureau and Pavilion, the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Association, Southern Illinois Tourism Development Office, and REDCO (Regional Economic Development Corporation). She received her degree in Tourism Management from John A Logan College, and completed the Bachelors program in Business Management and Organizational and Professional Development (Eastern Illinois University).